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Gas prices made us think of car prices in the 1970’s!

Thanks for all the calls this morning helping us remember great prices in the good ole days!


Hear Kari win a $2000 car repair from AAMCO in Broken Arrow!

AAMCO in Broken Arrow is giving back this Christmas to 5 families who need car repair. Kari has 6 kid and needed some help getting the car up and running. Hear her story below!


Hear our Grand Prize Winner of the Chris Tomlin $500 cleaning contest!

Chris Tomlin gave away tons of copies of his new Christmas album “Adore”! For every one we gave away we were qualifying people to win a $500 home cleaning from Chris Tomlin. He won’t be stopping by with his vacuum but he will pay for the whole thing! Hear our winner… Read More »


Keep You Christmas Tree From Drying Out!

Here are five tips to keep your Christmas from drying out . . . 1. Cut a quarter inch off the trunk before you put it in the stand, and go straight across. Cutting at an angle actually makes it harder for the tree to absorb water. And drilling a hole… Read More »


The all new iPlastic Cup 8000

Searching for something new for the kids they are sure to enjoy? It may already be in your house! It’s the ever popular iPlastic Cup 8000. You can thank my son Ethan for the annoying sounds parts of the commercial :) -Dave


The Gift of Time from Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels Winners

Each day the week of 11/30 on KXOJ you’ll hear about someone who gives of their own time even when they have very little. Each receives 2 tickets to the Toby Mac concert Sunday night December 6th at the BOK Center and are qualified to win the $4,300 watch from Bruce… Read More »


Week 4 listener story and giveaway with Bob Hurley

Kimberly nominated Kendra who has struggled lately but works 7 days a week for she and her 5 kids to provide since her husband is unable to work right now. Hear Bob Hurley share his heart and pray with Kendra and offer hope!  


Thanks and Giving Week #3 story with Bob Hurley and Sydney

Hear the story of how Sydney gives back to other and the sacrifices she makes to make it happen and all those around her. Bob offers a very generous gift to her to help her reach her goals.


Anniversary Honors for the Weekend of 11/20, 11/21, and 11/22!

If you celebrated your anniversary with us this weekend we weren’t able to read them on the air on Friday but they are here! So you can still hear them. We will still announce our winner from this weekend on Monday morning in the 7 o’clock hour.


Hear our grand prize winner for the Newsboys concert!

This is what happened when I called Chelsey this morning to tell her she had won the front row seats, meet and greet with VIP tickets and her new GoPro!