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Saturday 1 November 2014
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Category: Morning Show Blog


We love moms!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thanks for using the KXOJ smartphone app to share the things you love about Mom! You may hear your little one or even grown up son… Read More »


Smart Phone Translator

It would be great if smartphones had translators for not just language but for many other uses as well. Click to hear some of your suggestions!  


Oklahoma Renaissance Festival Interview with Dave Weston

Will there be birds of prey at this year’s festival? What about the maypole and leather craftsmen? Even a kid’s treaty to help them behave and play games for free.… Read More »


Cute or NOT so cute critters!

Dave thought a pine needle or a pollen pod was falling on his shoulder over the weekend but it was in reality little caterpillars! Listen to some of the other… Read More »


Is a classical concert a place for a 3 year old?

It was their big night! Winning a place on stage to perform for hundreds.  The other night I was so excited to see my daughter and her friends win a… Read More »


The Great Diet Pepsi Mystery!

This morning Heather and I were given a can of Diet Pepsi which was part of an entire pack of Diet Pepsi from at least 10 years ago found under… Read More »



Here is the song Dave Weston and his 3 year old son Ethan did to celebrate Easter you heard on the morning show :)    


The hard-li-est working man

Is this YOUR husband ladies? -Dave and Heather


Hear Kerry Vincent from Food Network discuss her latest show!

Dave and Heather had a chance to speak with Food Network’s Kerry Vincent about her new show called “Save My Bakery!” 3 shows you will learn will be focused on… Read More »


Going to see a movie? Check out these sites before you go!

Looking to catch a movie in the theatre over spring break, or even finding something to rent for family movie night? Try these websites for lots of info!! Hope that… Read More »