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Thursday 27 November 2014
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Something your preteen may enjoy! Here about iShine here!

I had the chance to speak with IShine President Brad Mathias and he told me all this awesome ministry to preteens and the show is coming to Tulsa at Grace… Read More »

God so loved the world

Some Recent Winners of the Better than Valentines Day Date Night!

Our winners have great stories for the Better Than Valentine’s Day Date Night. Click and listen. Remember to sign up under contests so you have a chance to win!


Time to Talk

It seems like whenever something important needs to be discussed that is when every thing else happens too. Your son needs a fresh band-aid, your daughter wants to try a… Read More »


Why Me, Why NOW?

Every year about this time I get a stuffy nose, a little cough, then it seems to creep into my chest to become this horrible thing called bronchitis. I’ve had… Read More »

Tour_Image SCC

A KXOJ listener's Poem about the Steven Curtis Chapman Concert!

We got this call this morning from a KXOJ listener and avid SCC fan! Do YOU know all the songs she mentions in her poem? She mentions 9 Steven Curtis… Read More »


Kevin Durant proclaims Christ is the reason for his success

Durant after beating the Miami Heat on the road says this about his recent success. The interviewer doesn’t how to respond and actually laughs at Kevin but he holds true… Read More »


Our Father

As my son takes his walk to his room for bed time, or as in most nights holds his mother hair as she holds him and walks him to his… Read More »


We have the Best Trainer Ever

Rafael Nadal or “Rafa” as he is affectionately called, the world’s #1 Tennis player was grimicing in pain during his final match. He was playing the Number 8 player in… Read More »

Tour_Image SCC

Steven Curtis Chapman calls Dave and Heather!

In case you missed Steven Curtis Chapman on the show here is the whole interview!


Motivational coach J.C. final thoughts on finishing what you Start in 2014

This was my conversation with Coach J.C. where he continues his motivational explanation of knowing what you want to accomplish and how to realize it. Thinking it, speaking it, and… Read More »