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Dave and Heather’s Riverwalk Concert Special Announcement!

Here Heather and Dave tell you who is coming on July 9th to the Riverwalk Summer Concert series in Jenks!


Your Father’s Day Messages!



What do Charles Spurgeon and Jay-Z have in common?

Heather is in the middle of a Bible study featuring a book called “Crash the Chatterbox”.


Things kids would have never said in the ’80’s

Would you even understand what you child was saying to you when YOU were a child in the 1980’s?


Do you suffer from PS?

You’re not alone.


Heather shares with Dave her love for Barbie’s new flats

Yes, it’s the memories that it brings up – those things from childhood that you played with. For Heather it seems none stood out more than Barbie. She and Dave discuss for the blog :)  


How can ice teach your kids about Jesus? Heather will tell you!

At a recent VBS Express visit Heather heard a great analogy using ice! Here it below!    



Find out more about the movie from POW Jessica Lynch as she talks with Dave Weston from the KXOJ morning show about her life as a mom and now actress in this new DVD with Erik Estrada!


What a difference a curve can make?

We talked about the new logo of IHOP. What do you think? It really did kinda look like a frown right? They turned that frown upside down!! It’s amazing how sometimes things will just hit you all of a sudden! IHOP has had the same logo for the past 20 years:… Read More »


The Art Gallery way to hang a picture

If you have had trouble like many of us have of hanging pictures at the right height for you and family, you might try this trick that art galleries around the world have used. The center of whatever you’re hanging should always be 57 inches up from the floor. As in… Read More »