Anniversary Honors

How do I love thee?  Let me count thy ways…9-1-8 4-6-0 KXOJ!

Each week, KXOJ honors couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries through a very special feature called Anniversary Honors.

Here’s how it works:

Register below with your name (and spouse’s) along with your anniversary date. At approximately 9:35 a.m. each weekday, Dave and Katie will recognize the couples celebrating that day. If it’s your day, not only will they salute you, but your name will be entered into a drawing that week for fabulous prizes:

  • Coffee with fresh-baked pastry-for-two at Little J’s Bakeshoppe
  • A made-from-scratch, fresh-baked anniversary pie from Little J’s Bakeshoppe and Coffee, located in South Tulsa!

Congratulations to you from Little J’s Bakeshoppe and Coffee and 94.1 KXOJ!


To participate in Anniversary Honors, just register below and tell us your anniversary date.  If it falls on a weekend, we  will announce it Monday!


First & last names of the couple celebrating
Wedding Date and Year you were married. (do not put this year, pick the year you got married)