Feed The Hungry

Imagine fleeing your home and leaving everything behind…because there is a war unfolding outside your front door. Imagine sending your child on foot into a foreign country to find safety where they don’t know anyone… helpless and alone, vulnerable and hungry.

That’s the reality for South Sudanese children flooding into Uganda.  Feed The Hungry is already there, providing lifesaving food to thousands of refugee children who have fled war-torn South Sudan – but thousands more come in every day.  Thanks to friends like you, Feed The Hungry is able to provide these children with a daily, nutritious meal – and share the love of Jesus.  Just $90 provides a month’s worth of meals for 15 refugees.

Now is your chance to help!  With your support, Feed The Hungry can provide nutritious meals for an additional 6,000 refugee children.  But they can only do it with your help.

Tune into KXOJ on Thursday March 2nd from 6a-7p and on Friday March 3rd from 6a-10a to find out how you can help.

There’s no time to waste!  Help feed hungry children who’ve fled war.  Call (877) 882-7120 now to make a generous donation.  Or click the link below.