Sanctus Real 9/21

Help, Healing and Hope Benefit Concert featuring Sanctus Real

Circle of Care is proud to present Help, Healing and Hope Benefit Concert featuring Sanctus Real on September 21st at Venue 68 to raise funds for Circle of Care’s three programs. Band member Mark Graalman says their music reflects “the simple message of God’s love.”

Nearly 8,000 children are in state custody and rely on the care of foster parents. Additionally, 300 youth in state custody reach the age of 18 each year only to leave the system with no family or stable support network. Meanwhile, single mothers at risk of homelessness struggle to provide for, and maintain custody of, their children. Circle of Care is a nonprofit agency providing help, healing and hope to vulnerable individuals through foster care, independent living and transitional living programs. As the 2nd largest private foster care agency in the state, Circle of Care subcontracts with the Department of Human Services to recruit, train and support foster families. That contract provides revenue for foster care services, but the other two life-saving programs are entirely supported by charitable gifts.