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applYou can take KXOJ with you wherever you go with the KXOJ smartphone apps!

Get the new KXOJ custom app from the iTunes app store or Google Play!

  • background listening
  • cover art
  • song history
  • concert information
  • alarm clock to wake up to KXOJ
  • Shout Out to record your voice and send to the DJ
  • Social links
  • Listen to KXOJ or KXOJ2 from a single app
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Because all phones, carriers, networks and configurations are different, we also have links to alternative apps in case you have trouble with one or the other.

Alternate apps to listen to KXOJ on iOS:

TuneIn app (search for KXOJ once installed)

Alternate apps to listen to KXOJ on Android:

TuneIn app for Android (search for KXOJ once installed)