A new year's reminder from the morning show

As the new year approaches we wish for you the peace of a God that loves you, cares for you, and sees you as perfect in His sight. It doesn’t matter what the world around you says, thinks, or believes. Our worth is buried deep in the arms of our loving Saviour Jesus Christ and it is by His gift to us that we have not only the anticipation of eternal life spent with Him, but the strength to endure and meanwhile even enjoy our lives among family and friends while bringing Him glory in all we do. Thank you for the welcome you have shown me as I returned to KXOJ after 8 years. I love KXOJ and our listeners and cannot wait to see what the Creator of the universe has in store for each one of us in 2014. God Bless each member of your family! Thank you for listening to KXOJ.

-Dave and Heather from the KXOJ Morning Show