I know it hurts, but…

Whether it happens in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning it hurts just as bad. I reach for the light switch but always just a half second after the pain has already invaded my body. It’s only painful for a moment but makes me cry for an hour but not from the physical pain. Why will these craziest and oddest shaped toys one day stop being thrown on the floor and discarded afer a long day of play? Why do these hand drawn bithday presents turn into store bought things that mean so much less? Why does the wonder of watching dad slam a basketball on a 7 foot tall basket in the backyard have to fade away? While kids change and grow, knowledge will increase but their dreams will still continue to thrive as you help to make them come true. While they are young, allow your kids the joy of the world around them and allow yourself the time to take it all in. For they are only small for a little while and then instead of finding the keys so you can take them to the zoo for the day, you are grabbing the keys to bring them back to college. Take the time, cherish it, and you will never forget or regret it. God made kids to be with us for a while and then to grow and experience lives of their own. Enjoy the ride and don’t fear the brief pain. Plus, Lego marks look kinda cool on the bottom of your feet :)

– Dave