Jamie’s special lasagna in a crock pot recipe!

We did a contest asking for your favorite cold weather foods! Jamie won the crock pot and her recipe is below!

My favorite crockpot meal is crockpot lasagna:
1 pound ground beef or sausage
Two large cans of spaghetti sauce
One can of basil garlic oregano tomato paste
One large container cottage cheese large curd
4 cups shredded mozzarella
One package of oven ready lasagna noodles

Brown up Meat, and mix in spaghetti sauce once meat is browned. Take off heat.

Mix mozzarella and cottage cheese in another bowl.

Start with sauce on bottom of crockpot add layer of noodles, add layer of cottage cheese

mozzarella mix and layer 3 to 4 layers. Bake in crockpot for 3 to 4 hours on low.

Once it is bubbling up the sides and golden brown on top layer ready to eat…add Mozzarella