Our Father

As my son takes his walk to his room for bed time, or as in most nights holds his mother hair as she holds him and walks him to his bed I think of how God holds us. We are His children and he is Daddy. When we ask for things He wants to give to us. Much like our kids sometimes He cannot give us everything we ask for right when we want it. Did we finish our vegetables? Did all the toys get picked up in the family room? When we are following in His ways and abiding in Him and cleaning our “rooms” as He asks us to, God can release all that He has intended for us to enjoy. When we are going through tough times but doing His will we may ask, “why is this happening when I am doing what you ask?” Remember that during those times He has still not forsaken you but instead of allowing you to walk to your room for bed time on your own His gift is carrying you there instead.