We have the Best Trainer Ever

Rafael Nadal or “Rafa” as he is affectionately called, the world’s #1 Tennis player was grimicing in pain during his final match. He was playing the Number 8 player in the World who was having an amazing match – The 8th ranked Swiss player kept asking as his opponent received multiple treatments- what was Nadal’s injury? Think about it, it’s the final – Nadal has no substitution so he sees the trainer in order to get the best treatment possible. It’s obvious he isn’t himself on the court but he perseveres. While he loses in the end it was after a lot of fight and an amazing showing of character by still coming back and winning a set. I think this is a great example of what we could be going through every day. We may feel weak and out of the match but we have the most amazing trainer in Christ who keeps us in the game. The best part is that we don’t lose in the end because we have won already!