Kings Dream Entertainment Faces Brand Transition

Kings Dream has been sharing insight into their transition after losing two of their flagship artists. Rebuilding the brand, label owner Ruslan released a series of one-take YouTube videos filled with encouragement, future plans for himself as an artist and the label as a collective artistic home. The first installment of the series has been released and can be viewed below.

“The Weekly’s” will all be in the format of one shot to maintain the rawness and authenticity. You can subscribe to Ruslan’s channel to see each of them as they release.

Over the last few months, Kings Dream Entertainment saw talented hip-hop innovator John Givez leave the label and Beleaf heading out of hip-hop all together after his final album Father Figure. Beleaf has also launched a YouTube series, Beleaf In Fatherhood, which focuses on his family and personal talents, which has gained him approximately 22,000 subscribers. 
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