Rebecca St. James Joins for KING & COUNTRY for A Glorious Christmas Tour

In a live stream on her Facebook page this afternoon, iconic Christian singer Rebecca St. James announced that she will be joining her brothers in for KING & COUNTRY for their Christmas tour with Casting Crowns.

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Rebecca St. James made the announcement while dropping in by surprise during Joel and Luke Smallbone’s studio session with Tedd T (Tjornhom), a longtime collaborator for both Rebecca and for KING & COUNTRY. The three siblings shared that both the announcement video and the forthcoming tour would be truly a full circle moment; Joel and Luke got their start in the music industry by working for their older sister Rebecca, and now several years after she passed the torch to them, they’ll be hosting her.

The siblings admitted that all seven of the Smallbone children were likely to be out on the tour at some point since their brother Ben Smallbone runs video, Daniel Smallbone controls stage lighting, and Josh Smallbone and the Smallbone parents assists with management. 

“Christmas tours are so special because there’s so much depth in the lyrics of the songs,” Rebecca St. James shared. “It’s like this sacred moment, there’s something in the room on a Christmas tour that’s like nothing else. I’m excited to experience that again.”

Her brothers resonated with her excitement, with Joel Smallbone adding “Last Christmas tour was my favorite tour we’ve ever done.” You can watch the full live broadcast below.

The Christmas tour partnership is the culmination of a growing collaborative spirit. Earlier this year, Rebecca joined for KING & COUNTRY on the WAY-FM Alaska cruise. Rebecca has also been contributing to writing for KING & COUNTRY’s highly anticipated third studio album, and they recently created a version of “Amazing Grace” together for the My Utmost for His Highest compilation. You can find a full list of dates for A Glorious Christmas tour at

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