Selah The Corner Releases Mini Documentary

Building up to the release of his debut album Memoirs Of A Perfect World, God Over Money’s Selah the Corner crafted a mini documentary explaining the meaning behind the new project’s first single, “High Potenoose.” 

The track depicts how believers attach themselves to idols instead of the Creator. Selah The Corner gets transparent, revealing how his use of marijuana nearly replaced his God-given sanctuary of safety and calmness. Watch the mini documentary below:

“High Potenoose” is set to release as the album’s first single on April 20. Selah also plans to share a mini documentary detailing an overview of Memoirs Of A Perfect World
Selah The Corner is a revolutionary whose focus is to spread the message of Jesus to the masses via the poetic art form known as hip-hop. Previously, Selah the Corner released two mixtapes under the Hoodie Season series. His last individual single “Boarding Pass” released last August 2016. 
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