VIDEO PREMIERE Stephen Christian’s New Video

Former Anberlin frontman, Stephen Christian is premiering his new video for his latest single, “Wide Eyed Wonder,” with You can be one of the first to watch below. 

The song is a standout track on the record, being called out in multiple reviews online.

“Lyrically poetic ‘Wide-Eyed Wonder’ is about the marvelous love of God. The chorus expresses humble awe in the lyrics Let my heart forever stay in awe of who you are / I want to live amazed.JesusWired

“Songs like the praise tracks ‘Gloria’ and ‘He is the Anthem’ are abuzz with energy, whereas as others like ‘Wide-Eyed Wonder’ have a more mellow and emotional place on the album. —HM Magazine

“Mid-tempo CCM ballad ‘Wide Eyed Wonder’ is one of the most catchiest melodies on the album, as Stephen ardently asks God to maintain his own wonder at everything Jesus is and everything He has to offer, and can do. There are times that we take Jesus’ love and His creation for granted, and ‘Wide Eyed Wonder’ is a prayer asking God to help us be like innocent children again – and boy do we need to be like children now more than ever, considering the current global political climate. – 365 Days of Inspiring Media

Stephen has hope that the songs on Wildfire will help ignite people to come to Christ and pursue God’s gift of salvation. “I hope this record blesses people and helps bring them closer to Christ, like each song did for me. God’s been orchestrating my whole life so I could get here and rise up the next generation.”