Brook Fine Arts Summer Camp 2018

Your kids have diverse interests, and when it comes to the arts, they’ll choose to express their creativity in a variety of ways. One may enjoy art while the other chooses music.  But no matter what their preference, Brook Fine Arts will inspire them to bring out their best at Summer Camp 2018!

This June and July, Brook Fine Arts offers fun-filled Art Camps designed to introduce your children to various art forms and materials guaranteed to spark their imaginations!  They’ll sharpen their drawing skills using graphite, charcoal, ink, prisma color…or they can explore painting in the colorful world of acrylics, experimenting with different brushes and painting instruments! Brook Fine Arts even offers finger painting experiences for your little ones!

In addition to drawing and painting, your kids also have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of sculpting.  Your 2nd through 6th graders can build a piñata (and break it open at the end of the week, collecting all the goodies)… or your older 6th through 12th graders can learn how to work with cardboard to create 3D objects and props!

And then there’s Brook Fine Arts Music camp, where your musical kids  participate for approximately three hours per day for a week. Your young musicians will flourish as they explore various musical instruments, creative writing (which leads to lyric composition), and percussion.  Dance is also offered for your 2nd through 6th graders, and Stomp (for your older 6th thru 12thgraders). You can also sign them up for Musical Theater camp where they’ll learn various songs, dance and dialogue from popular musicals, culminating in a live performance at the end of the week for your family and friends!  This year’s mini-productions include Disney’s Moana in June and Coco in July!

ALL of these music and art camps are designed with your children in mind, from those who are just now expressing interest in the arts, to those who have more experience.  And should your children wat to continue sharpening their skills and talents, group and private lessons are available all year long!

So, make this summer the most fun ever for your kids.  Register them now for  Summer Camp at Brook Fine Arts, where everyone great has a beginning!

To enroll, call 918-491-6011 and for summer camp details, click here

You can also browse their website at  and find them on Facebook