The Learning Shop

After 48 years serving Tulsa, The Learning Shop at 11th & Yale is closing its doors.  The Learning Shop is your go-to for all school supply needs. In fact, it’s the only complete pre-school, day-care, home-school and school supplier in the state, offering everything for today’s classroom, from decoratives, art supplies, games, toys, and manipulatives…to books for teachers and students (all subjects and grade levels), language, history, science and math projects, charts, planners, whiteboards, paper rolls, furniture, and SO much more!

 If you are a teacher, know a teacher, or you’re someone who just wants to provide your favorite teacher with the best in classroom supplies, stop in and find huge savings on every item in the store — including the fixtures! But hurry.  The Learning Shop will soon close its doors forever, and supplies are limited, so stop in today. For more details, go to their website and facebook pages or call 918-834-2642.

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