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My momBrianna Case108-18-2017
My mom has lupas and it has been making her joints hurt and her right ankle bone has like died out and she has to wear a brace for her ankle and she has to wear a brace for her left anckle because the bone has broke some and the doctors didn't want to do surgery because if they did and the bone didn't heal right they would have to amputate her ankle, so the gave her a brace for her ankle. She also has a rash from her lupas and has been having pain in her knees lately to. So I want to pray for my mom that is dealing with lupas.
job for sonAnonymous108-17-2017
Please pray that my son gets another part time or a full time job soon. He is getting very frustrated and down about his job search. He has problems being social so that interferes. Thanks.
GOD isn't finished with my marriage! Stuart Derrick 408-16-2017
My name is Stuart Derrick, I've been married to my wife Kimberly Derrick for just about 15yrs,ups and downs as many marriages have.well Kimberly and I have been separated for a little over a month,we have 2 beautiful boys that God loaned us..they are staying with me.Please pray that God is just taking us to the next step in our marriage and relationship with Him.that our marriage is just about to really begin. I love my wife with all my heart and soul and do not want a divorce. Thanks!
Financial needRoger Huff308-16-2017
I am supposed to go to Orlando, FL, next week to get certified to be a life coach, speaker and trainer through John Maxwell, hopefully to help me as a career. We are short of the money we need for the trip. Our van has more than 240,000 miles on it and we would like to rent a vehicle for the trip. In addition, we need gas money and money for food on the way there and back. My meals and hotel are paid, but we also need money for my wife and daughters to eat on while we are at the event.
Prayers for my son to overcome addictionAnonymous408-15-2017
My son has traveled a long road with addiction. He cleans up for a few weeks and falls right back. He is worse than I have ever seen him right now. He is lost and wandering through life at this point. He has a 6 year old son that needs him to be present. My son recently told me that he doesn't think he believes in God. He has recently walked away from 2 separate car accidents with only minor injuries and I am almost positive he was under the influence at the time of both accidents. Joshua needs prayer to overcome his addiction, prayer to find his way back to Jesus, and I need prayer for peace during this time. Thank you.
Mom's SadnessAmanda Brown408-11-2017
LORD GOD YOU said in Ecc 2:26 For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit. LORD GOD if it be in YOU MIGHTY HOLY WILL I pray in JESUS NAME please let Mom (Tomra K Brown) be good in YOUR sight, and when she is good in thy sight, please LORD give her wisdom, and knowledge, and joy:. LORD GOD please remove her travails so that YOU may give her what is good before YOU. LORD GOD YOU said in YOUR MIGHTY HOLY WORD that anything that we ask in JESUS MIGHTY HOLY NAME YOU would do it so that the FATHER may be glorified in the SON (John 14:13-14). I pray this prayer in JESUS MIGHTY HOLY NAME. AMEN Mom was really sad today. She is kinda isolated and does not have many friends. I pray she get more involved, and be able to get some rest.
A plea for my daughterAnonymous708-11-2017
CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS!! I'm in DESPARATE need of prayer for my daughter, Kaitlyn. She has moved out to live with a boy she has only known three weeks. I have discovered that he has 4 protective orders on him from women . He has threated her friends and family for checking on her. I'm scared he is going to hurt her. Please help me pray that she comes to her senses and comes back home.
Pray for son & motherAnonymous508-11-2017
My son is 30 years old. His wife passed away unexpectedly 1 year after they were married. He lives out of state and is trying to get transferred to Tulsa to be near family. Please pray for his broken heart and that he can get transferred to Tulsa. Also, we are trying to sell my mom\\\'s house and get her into an apartment. Please pray we can sell her house. She has heart issues and very little money. Pray for peace for both issues.
Prayer for daughterAnonymous708-10-2017
My daughter will be having a biopsy this week to see if she is rejecting her kidney. She had a miracle transplant 4 years ago. Her antibodies were too high to receive a kidney from a live donor. The chances of her ever receiving another kidney is not an option. She really needs a miracle. She has done everything she was supposed to do. Because of her anti rejection medicine she hasn\'t been able to work, until the last few months. She is happy & laughing. She is acting more herself. My beautiful daughter is 37.
Financial Situations, and prayr for family membersSharon Smith608-09-2017
I sent in a prayer request a few months ago and put my wrong email on it. My husband and I have been supporting ourselves and our daughter, son in law 9yr old granddaughter, and 6 mos grandson for almost 2 years now. Our son in law was injured in a work related accident and the company that he worked for also owns the Insurance company so it has been a long strung out ordeal. They are at the end emotionally, spiritually, If there utilities are not payed by the 12th. they will be turned off and there rent soon after they will be evicted with no place to live but there car. We have paid there rent the last 3 1/2 months, payed for groceries, payed or school clothes, gas, medicine, the list goes on and on. They do receive a small amount of food stamps but that was cut in 1/2 after the baby was born b/c my daughter in their eyes is able to work. But my son in law is not able to care for the baby his neck is fractured and his weight limit is 10 pds. So she would have to work nights and then stay up all day to take care of the baby. She also suffers from Tourette Syndrome, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and agoraphobia. She has applied for dozens and dozens of jobs but they will not hire her b/c of her mental disabilities and b/c of the hours she has to work. I am working 2 jobs so is my husband, There lease is up in September and they have no place to go to.. Our home is not big enough and sad to say not all of our family members feel they should live with someone. The Judge is supposed to make a decision on his case I pray within the next couple of weeks but that does not good if the utilities are cut off they are automatically evicted. I know God is working and I know that he will be there in this time of need. But I need lots of prayer b/c this is taking a toll on my health. I have heart conditions, and chronic migraine syndrome, and have had seizures with them. They are both triggered by stress.



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