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Apartment FireMichael Rowland104-19-2019
At around 9am Friday, April 19th 2019 an apartment fire at 51st and Memorial in Tulsa OK destroyed everything that my niece and her fiance owned. They got out with their newborn twin boys. He was only wearing boxers, and the insurance agent on the scene had to buy him new clothes. They lost everything, their phones, their clothes, their car seats, and cribs. We're not even sure they got their car keys out and their car has an expensive key to replace. Thankfully they have a place to go, but they have nothing but themselves. I've created a GoFundMe page for them at. . If you're able to help in that way, it would be greatly appreciated. If all you can do is pray, prayer can move mountains. Thank you for that as well.
Battling with & for my teenage son.Amber Schultz-Pepera 104-19-2019
My son Noah who’s 16. He is a great person. Right now he’s lost. He’s given up hope. On top of being a teenage boy, he’s an angry teenage boy. His father & I are no long together. He chose to get into bad things & has destroyed his life. He is completely out of the picture. And unfortunately this is a blessing. I am a single momma of 4. And I’m left to clean up the broken pieces & destruction he left behind. I am in constant battle with my son. He has all these emotions & feeling bottled up. He won’t let me in or anyone for that matter. He’s very disrespectful & doesn’t listen to anything I say. He’s a sweetheart for anyone, but ME! He refuses to go to school. & has been refusing to go to church, for about a month n a half now. I am realizing I AM in battle FOR MY SON! Satan you CANNOT HAVE NOAH!! He is a child of God! For me & my house serve the Lord!! I would really love to have a prayer warrior partner to help & teach me the correct way to pray for my son daily. Help train me to be intentional about praying for my baby boy. I love him so much. And we just are in constant war with each other & say things I know we don’t mean. But, it still hurts. I need my focus to be about the Lord & prayer, to soften Noah’s heart. I just want my son back. I’ve got about a year n a half left with him. I want to change our future together in Jesus name I pray, Amen. Thank you so much for caring enough to listen to just a portion of my story. I know my son loves the Lord. And I know I am waging battles daily for my sons salvation. Father, place a hedge of protection around Noah & soften his heart, Father. This is something only you can do! Father, keep my tongue from spewing things I do not mean! And his too. Father, teach me, help me to speak life into my son. Into myself. Into my family. So much of my focus has been on Noah lately. But, I have our other 3 children who need us too! Keep our minds filled with Your thoughts & our hearts filled with Your love. All these things I ask of You. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.
My father died in February and had been living with us since his wife died in May 2018. He still worked in Sales and traveled to Texas numerous times a month at the age of 84. My husband (a Worship Pastor), found him dead in our bathroom on a Sunday as he was getting ready for church. We have had a tremendous emotional and financial strain on us trying to settle his estate. Please pray that we will be able to move through the probate process smoothly so that everything we do, will honor my fathers wishes. My Father is now in Heaven with my sweet Mother.
The woman of my dreams appears to be growing distant. Admittedly, my pursuit might have been too much. God is a God of second chances and He has granted me a whole new life this year. Please pray that God may grant me wisdom to get back on track with her leading to marriage. And please pray that her heart is open to a second chance with me and marriage. God bless everyone in this community!
I am not sleeping & it is impacting me emotionally & physically. A few months ago I went thro a traumatic experience & I go days without sleep. I need to rest
Reverend Elbert Ward needs a miracleAnonymous304-11-2019
Reverend Elbert Ward of Alabama is in dire need of a miracle. He has been placed in Hospice care with congested heart failure. Reverend Ward served as a minister for most of his life and has touched countless lives. He's loved by many due to selflessly dedicating his life to helping others. Now he needs our help and prayers. Please add him to your prayer list and pray for his healing and a complete miracle. He is our hero and rock and the world can't afford to lose someone like him. If you met him, you would instantly love and adore him. Please help him by praying for complete healing and spreading the word. Thanks and God bless!
Husband LeavingAnonymous604-10-2019
My husband is leaving me. I am hesitant to sign divorce papers because I love him very much and want to be his partner, and still want him to come to Jesus. I don\'t want him to leave and I want for us to work things out and stay together, like we promised each other. I am very depressed and anxious and losing hope. If this is God\'s will, then I need strength and courage and hope, because I feel absolutely broken. If it is not, then my husband needs a change of mindset and an open and willing and forgiving heart.
Protection and healingAnonymous304-05-2019
Strong Holy Spirit filled prayer desperately needed over Juha! He is under heavy persecution and has to face public slander. May God conquer Juha’s enemies hearts with His powerful love, and silence their evil tongues. Bless Juha so he can see and feel how Heavenly Father protects and guides Juha with holy wisdom. May Gods favor follow Juha where ever he goes and whomever he meets. May heavenly light shine from Juha and he will win whatever obstacles come along the way! Please pray for me as well for I have suffered for 13 years of a painful lump in my gum. The pain can get so bad it prevents me from speaking and eating. The pain overwhelms my whole being and my head feels like it’s filled with thousands of bees. I’m a widow with two daughters but I am alone. Please pray that I would be able to forgive past wrongs I have faced and be set free from bitterness. Depression tries to haunt me but I put my faith in the good Lord! May He heal my damaged legs and hands as well. Thank you for your prayers and God bless!
Marriage Restoration/Deliverance/HealingDavid B.404-03-2019
My Christian wife of 17 years divorced me last Fall without any biblical reason, & we have 4 wonderful young kids. We were called into ministry together, & was waiting and believing on a restoration as she forged her own path. I just found out that she\'s been dating a man for 6 weeks which clearly violated God\'s Word in I Corinthians 7:10-11. I\'m distraught, & my kids are having trouble. I\'m praying that Shari would repent & be delivered from fear & deception. I\'m seeking healing & restoration for family and marriage. Satan has waged war against our family, and we need a MIRACLE. I know that the Lord God is the Great I AM and the GOD of the miraculous. Please stand with me in prayer and share this prayer with others. Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ! - David
pleade pray for my son David complete deliverance from drugs, & that he can sleep, he goes days without sleeping . That he would return to his right mind like the prodical son, repent & return to Jesus. He also needs a place to live.



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