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Welcome to the KXOJ Prayer page. Here you can share your prayer requests and pray for others. So far, 673 have made requests and 6274 have committed to pray for them. Please join us in lifting fellow listeners up in prayer.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
healingHal Whitlock311-22-2018
Please pray for the ability to move forward for a painful situation. There is a person who has been very important in my life and always made me feel like I was important in their life. My family has done a lot for them during some difficult times they faced, but lately they have been very hurtful with their words and actions, and they just don’t see how their behavior is hurting me, or they do not care. My family and I feel very used, me especially. My prayer is for me to release them from my life so that this situation will not bother me any longer; and that I will be able to love them, but not desire any contact with them. Or if the Lord desires them in my life, I pray they will be convicted on how they have treated me and that their hurtful and negligent behavior will be clearly visible to them. If so, then I ask the Lord for their behavior towards me to change to be much more considerate. Either way, I pray for the Lords strength to continue to move forward.
HurtChad Reddell511-20-2018
I recently became divorced from my wife and her 3 children. She left me for another man. This has been hard on me. I need strength and understanding. I forgive her, pray for her to find Jesus!
Please pray for my husband to come back to us Margarete Quinones611-16-2018
My husband left our son and me back in November 2017 for another woman. I have found out things are not working out for him where he is. I still love him and want him back. We are soulmates. I need prayers that he will come back to our son and me. I need the power of prayer to guide him back. I need the devil released from his heart and mind. With God's help I believe he will return. Please help. I need as many prayers as I can get. Thank you
Unborn child fatally illPatricia Kingsley711-15-2018
Our friends Kyra and Josh are 7 months pregnant with their first child, Lawson. He only has 1/2 a heart and w/o the healing touch of Jesus will die upon birth in January. Please come alongside us in prayer for this little Christian family.
FamilyVickie Denny511-15-2018
Father God please be with my son and his family and help bring them together again. My son desperately needs You to touch his heart, mind, and soul and bring him to his knees to release the hurt from his past so he can move forward in his life. Be with his ex-wife and open her heart to let him see his kids. For me I just want my family back and everyone together again. Be with my Mom she fell and broke her elbow and needs prayer for a quick recovery. I have many family members struggling with addictions that need You too. Be with those battling depression, physical illnesses, and those who don't know you. Place me in the path of those who I need to share Your word and give me the right words to do so. Father thank you for doing these things in Your name I pray. Amen.
Please pray that I would be slow to speak, have a guard over my mouth, that I would have more restraint and reverence when I speak. (That I would think before I speak also.) Thank you
To be doctored by God back to haleness, for my family likewise, for their religion, IQ uplifted to do bible studies, and for the satanic attacks to be stopped now



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