Bob Hurley Ford

You’ve never seen smiling faces this bright!

When the bus finally arrives at the school, Sarah tumbles out the door giggling, and darts to her classroom in anticipation of the day’s activities, unrestrained by cares or concerns.  Today she receives new school supplies and athletic shoes provided by caring people she has learned to trust and love — people like Bob Hurley.

kidsNotebooks, paper, pens, and pencils alone don’t make the grade. Bob Hurley sees them as tools to help children exercise their minds and hone their skills, to reach their full potential. Likewise, there’s nothing special about a pair of athletic shoes designed to exercise the body. Yet, something magical happens when everyday items like these, which are luxuries beyond reach for many children, inspire hope and feelings of self worth.

At the enkids2d of the day, Sarah waves from the window of the bus as it pulls away from the school to take her home. Sporting new shoes and a backpack full of school supplies, she pictures a brighter future, seeing herself one step closer to an Olympic gold medal, a Pulitzer Prize, or both. From small beginnings, rise big dreams.

Everyone has a story that others help bring to life. Become part of the story at Bob Hurley Ford.


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