Meet Dave Weston

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Since I have lived in Tulsa for pretty much the entire 21st century, I feel like I am a true Okie.  3 of my 6 children were born here and it’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere! I was a sergeant in the Marine Corps until March of 1999, and after receiving a B.A. in broadcasting from Wheaton College in … [Read more...]

Meet Heather Miles

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My radio story starts out like many of my colleagues; I was a kid with a little tape recorder and a relative willing to be interviewed! It turned into a job in high school and now I’m SO blessed to be part of KXOJ! I love that we’re all just a big happy family raising our kids together and … [Read more...]

Meet Bob Michaels

Bob Michaels

Welcome to KXOJ and thanks for taking to learn more about the people you hear on the radio! I've been married to my incredible wife Jackie for over 22 years and we have two great teenagers. Josh and Emily have been dragged to enough concerts that the music bug finally grabbed them. Josh plays … [Read more...]

Meet Caryn Cruise

Caryn Cruise

A funny thing happened on the way to the radio station…like, there wasn’t supposed to BE a trip to the radio station! I was working in retail when I started volunteering at a local Christian radio station. After a while the DJs started throwing me on air and the station manager eventually offered … [Read more...]