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Friday 24 June 2016
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Listen Live Support

We have teamed up with Christian NetCast to provide our listeners with unlimited audio streams.

The stream works with Windows Media Player, which is already installed on most PCs. You don’t have to download or install anything!

When you click on the link, your media player will open and the music will start streaming.

Reported Problems-

Sometimes a pop up blocker will stop you from listening to KXOJ online. If you use a pop-up blocker, such as the Google toolbar, you may need to disable it, or hold ‘ctrl’ while clicking on the link. That should let you open it.

If you continue to have trouble opening our player window, try this alternative link, which will launch the stream directly in Windows Media Player: mms://wms1.christiannetcast.com/kxoj-fm

Someone has reported to us that when you are listening to KXOJ online and surfing the internet at the same time, and you click on a link, it will open in the window that is streaming the music. And we have found a way to fix it; here it is. Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools:Internet Options. After the window opens, click the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you are in the Browsing section. When you find the button that is named “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts” and UN-CLICK it. That should stop the problem.

If the problems above persist or you discover new ones, please visit www.christiannetcast.com for further assistance.


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