What do teachers REALLY want for Christmas? We’ve got the answers here!

Here is what our teachers are saying and they all seem to agree…no more coffee mugs! LOL!

“Coffee Shop gift cards, Flair pens, fuzzy socks, Post it notes, scented stickers or stickers of any kind, chap sticks, and gift cards to Mardel, Hobby Lobby, or even Walmart for school supplies!”


“I am texting about teacher Christmas gifts. Anything teacher supply related. I agree with the teacher that just called pretty Post-it notes, pens , Kleenex, bottles of germ x , art paper, Starbucks cards, Bath and body lotions, stickers, chocolate, Absolutely NO mugs. 😊 Have a blessed day.”


“As a middle school teacher, we are excited anytime we actually get a Christmas gift. I know since middle schoolers have 6-7 teachers, it gets expensive to give out gifts. We rarely get anything! I usually only get a gift when I have another teacher’s kiddo. 🤷🏻‍♀️
One thing I would say about gifts. Not everyone drinks coffee, so a $5 gift card from Quick Trip is awesome.”


“We never have enough Lysol or Kleenex!
Or Lindor truffles!”
“Any gift is always appreciated. My favorites are the gifts that have special meaning, especially with notes of appreciations. One of my favorite gifts was a crochet hook from Mexico from a student who visited Mexico and knew that I love to crochet.”
“Gift cards to coffee shops, notes of appreciation always go a long way.”
“Sonic gift card!”