John 3:16 Mission

Meet Heather Miles

Heather Bio PhotoMy radio story starts out like many of my colleagues; I was a kid with a little tape recorder and a relative willing to be interviewed! It turned into a job in high school and now I’m SO blessed to be part of KXOJ! I love that we’re all just a big happy family raising our kids together and encouraging each other along the way. It has been amazing to hear stories about how the music we play transforms, inspires, and encourages you everyday.

My husband Derrick and I have been married since ’94 and we have two daughters, Molly and Aubry, and a dog named Ruby. Molly loves basketball and reading, Aubry loves hip-hop dancing and art projects and Ruby…well, she just loves us!  Our dream one day is to load up in an RV and visit all fifty states! (Well, we’d actually fly to Hawaii, but you get the idea.) Speaking of all fifty states, one of my gifts is the ability to rattle them off in alphabetical order. It’s true. It was part of my wonderful education, courtesy of the Broken Arrow Public School System!

I love food…cooking it, reading about it, planning it, talking about it and most of all, eating it! I talk about lunch while eating breakfast. I love my church, Church on the Move. I love my family, I’m so glad my mom and siblings live nearby. I love laughing and I consider it a huge blessing to share some chuckles with you each morning!