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Be An Official KXOJ Volunteer!

We’re putting together an Official KXOJ Volunteer team and you’re invited to join! As an Official KXOJ Volunteer, you’ll be the first to find out about concerts and events coming to Tulsa and have the chance to get free admission by helping us out! You’ll also have opportunities to get CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, concert tickets, and even exclusive meet and greets with some of your favorite artists!

Here’s how it works: Sign up below and whenever we have an event coming up, we’ll e-mail you. You can also join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter! Reply back and you and a guest* will get in to the concert for free. Some of the areas we frequently need help in are merchandising, hospitality, and runners.

Click here for a list of the entire rules and job descriptions. We’ll also make available special prizes from time to time like meet and greets, concert tickets, gift certificates and more!

*Guest ticket based on availability

Within the next few days, you will be contacted by our Street Team Coordinator with information regarding your membership. Not only will you receive info on all our events, but you’ll also have access to exclusive contests that we’ll hold from time to time. To keep up with all the latest events going on, sign up on our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter. If you have not read through the rules and job descriptions, please do so now.