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Welcome to the KXOJ Prayer page. Here you can share your prayer requests and pray for others. So far, 38 have made requests and 9754 have committed to pray for them. Please join us in lifting fellow listeners up in prayer.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Jesus change Ashley nowR. Family105-30-2023
Praying all legal contracts made with satan are loosed off of Ashley and my family and I, and severed off of her and my family and I, and that God Almighty signs Ashley's contract and my family and my contract with the Holy Spirit, Book of Life, HALLELUJAH. in Jesus Name please pray Ashley never harms herself nor others ever again, never goes to jail or does something illegal, never loses her cool, never is violent ever again, pray God heals her mind, body and soul, pray she is a new person and is easy to talk to and be upset with, without her becoming defensive, help her hear what others have to say and take criticism and lack of control well, please God change this situation around, and keep Ashley and everyone safe, free and well, please have Ashley sign up for an intense anger management course and do it immediately and finish it successfully without delay nor force, out of her own free will, in Jesus Name, Amen.
Mistake Anonymous605-17-2023
I made a mistake but I don’t know how.
Right earAnonymous505-15-2023
My right ear has been hurting for the last couple of months. At first there was hearing loss, but that seems to be better now. However, there is still pain. I am seeing a doctor soon, but I know that Jesus is The Great Physician, and can take care of it before I need to see one! God bless you!
Safety and relationshipAnonymous605-12-2023
Asking for Protection over me as I will be in a vulnerable position for the next 10 days or so. Also, seeking prayers for
Prayers for my momCathy Vick405-11-2023
Lord we pray for healing for my moms (Betty) legs. That they will be healed for she can walk again and be able to return home. . In Jesus name we pray Amen.



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Prioritizing God in my new normalSubmitted By: Kelly L.
A number of changes have happened in the last few months (mostly health issues) requiring me to change what I do and when I do it. Most importantly, I want to prioritize keeping in contact with God throughout the day. I need to just start with every day and expand on that. Please, pray that He will direct my thoughts and plans and help me adjust. Please, also pray that I would be protected from the numerous attacks on my spiritual life. I've been hit hot and heavy and could use a break. If the Lord does not see fit to eliminate these attacks, I know that He will allow me to lean on Him for strength to carry on and not just plain give up. God is good...all the time!Your prayers have strengthened me! Thank you and I'm so grateful that God is faithful and present in my life all the time.
Victory and FreedomSubmitted By: Anonymous
My prayer is that God will let me keep custody of my 2 girls, in TX. Court date this week. I pray the girls' dad and stepmom be convicted, saved and delivered.THE LORD MADE A WAY WHERE THERE SEEMED TO BE NO WAY !! My children stay w me! Thank you all for agreeing with me in prayer. Please continue to pray for the judge, opposing attorneys, dad and stepmother.
My parents are at the hospital with covid and pneumoniaSubmitted By: Hannah Biven
They tested positive on Sept. 21. Mom is at the hospital doing some physical therapy and working on getting oxygen levels at a good place. Dad was re-admitted to the hospital Sept. 29 with pneumonia. They are both in their 60's. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. May you be blessed as well and have a beautiful day. <3My parents are both home from the hopital. Both are utilizing oxygen to build up lung capacity. Dad is doing great although taking it easy, Mom is still working on getting lungs to work fully. God has greatly blessed us with healing and they are on the mend. Thank you for all your prayers.
HealingSubmitted By: Stephanie anon
My friend’s husband Jason is currently in the hospital with COVID and we are just asking for prayer for healing.Jason came home today, whole and healthy! He is still healing but is doing well. God is good!!!
NeuropathySubmitted By: Muriel Bailey
I have neuropathy in my feet, legs and hands and sometimes the pain is so bad I have a hard time walking. Please pray that the pain stops and I find a doctor that can help me.

Thank you for all your prayers.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.
Thank you for ALL the wonderful prayers. The neuropathy pain has subsided and God has lead me to wearing compression hose and that has helped.!!
Employment Submitted By: Anonymous
Im very blessed and I thank God every day. I have had had times but God has always seen me through them. Im a single mom with 3 kids and I have always been able to provide for them, through the grace of God. I was laid off in June and the job market is rough, I now have debt but I dont worry. Im at the point that I need a good job, I had an interview the other day and they are checking my references. I need prayer that I get the job, they are flexible so I can get the kids all to school and that I can handle all the job responsibilities. I got the job. My job search has be guided by God in so many ways. He is amazing.