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help with familyEllen Graves207-04-2020
With all the other more important needs there are today I feel selfish in asking for prayer but I don't know what else to do. I want to move for various reasons but my family is all against it. I am not happy where I am and I am so excited about the move I want to make but all of my family members are making it well know how much against it. I am 67 years old and live alone. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I do what will make me happier or what they want. I need to make a decision soon. They have no reason to be against the other place I want to move to. They just like it here. Thank you for praying.
My SonAnonymous406-28-2020
My son cannot keep a job. He is being treated for several mental illnesses. One main issue is that he does not take his meds like he should. When this happens he get paranoid and quits his job. He is over 30 so he can’t be made to do it and doesn’t recognize that there is even a problem. It is heart breaking to watch him spiral down. Please pray that he will recognize the medicine issue and that his illness will be healed or controlled.
I've been having stomach issues since 2004 found out I had endometriosis had a complete hysterectomy I'm still having real bad pains even worse now they're thinking I might have a blockage in my bowel so you're wanting to do a colonoscopy on me hopefully they'll figure out what's wrong cuz it's the pain is so bad I understand that most of the time I've lost so many jobs over this being and out of the hospital right now I don't have a job I'm behind on rent and everything I just want someone to pray for my help and for us to get caught up thank you and God bless you guys
Change of jobAnonymous1206-23-2020
I have to opportunity to change jobs. I have no idea what to do so if you could please pray for guidance and wisdom.
Savannah and Isaiah would soon get baptized. Bret would stop drinking. Mark would stop drugs.Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith, hope, peace, power, love, growth, joy, wisdom, knowledge, protection. The prayer wall at my church. Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far. Keith would find more sustainable work. Rosy would find work. I have two big tests coming up--God would have mercy on me as I pursue my certifications. Alex's battalion is being deployed--God have mercy. 7 silent requests. 1 special request. I have to make certain decision in the next two months: wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, and faith. David and his family would move forward and make the right choices—wisdom and peace. James, Tracey, Jack, and Rob would accept the deeper truths of the Bible. Tom really destroyed his shoulder—God would heal him. Thanks
Financial and surgery Donovan Orvis706-20-2020
I'm asking for pray today I hurt my right knee at work toward the end of May and I'll be off until August if not longer my Dr. At Tulsa bone and joint says I probably will need a whole joint replacement and being off this long I have no money coming in not being able to work and also I have anxiety about surgery so I just need Gods guidance. Thank you and God bless I love everyone has God loves us
Now is the time to be praying for our country. Pray for wisdom for our leaders, strength for our citizens, and America's future. I believe we are at a crucial point in time, and bathing America in prayer will only help. Pray with me for our beloved country.
It's been a long, tough two years. Battling cancer and my boyfriend breaking up with me in the middle of all the confusing cancer treatments. I feel blessed because I am in remission. But I miss my best friend. I miss just talking to him. I miss him and I still love him. He is not talking to me and doesn't even want to be my friend. I pray that he will have a change of heart.
Integrity Anonymous M806-18-2020
Please pray for me for integrity and for unspoken. Thank you
Respiratory National BoardsAnonymous706-16-2020
By the Grace and Mercy He got me across the graduation stage now I’m preparing for the boards ....I could really need some prayers that I make at least a 90. Thank you in advance



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