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For my mom name Irma Martinez Anonymous502-25-2017
My mom is at the hospital and she is not doing well. She has breast cancer for two years and 1 in the morning as of 02/25/2017. She went to the hospital. She is afraid she going to die. Please help with prayer. At st johns hospital 14th floor. Thank you
Flu and flu like symptomsStephanie Ellis402-25-2017
I have two little girls, my three year old tested positive for the flu last week and has since recovered. This week, my four year old tested negative but has flu like symptoms and being treated for the flu and continues to recover. My three year old awoke this morning with a fever, so now I have two little ones running a fever. Fevers are being managed by fever reducers. I am asking for prayers for my two precious babies to be completely healed, in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Thank you in advance for standing in agreement with us!
OCD AttacksAnonymous302-23-2017
My name is J. and I am a devout Christian who loves God and loves ministry. I pray on a daily basis, attend a Bible based church,and I am in the word. Here is my situation. I have suffered from OCD since my teenage years. My main issue is with intrusive thoughts which I honestly believe are demonic attacks. I have sought out help in the past but had no luck. I have such a love for the Lord and I honestly believe my OCD has stopped me from being able to fully serve the Lord like I want because of the intrusive thoughts. I ask for your strongest, boldest prayers asking God to remove my OCD from my life. God is capable of doing all things and I need his supernatural power because I want to serve God to the best of my ability. Thank you, J.
Cousin has cancerLinda Anzar402-17-2017
Please pray for MIsty Bean of Arlington, TX I grew up with her, she is like a sister to me. Last sunday she went to ER for stroke symptoms, and found out she has tumors in her brain, and tumors in her lungs. She is going for biopsy next week , and she is having radiation for the tumors in her brain. the biopsy is for her lungs. She has two small kids and an 18yr old daughter. Please pray with me and my family for my precious cousin. Thank you and God Bless you.
Need a New JobAnonymous602-17-2017
In January my job position was eliminated due to a contract not being renewed between two companies. I need a new job and it really should be a daytime job for the sake of my mental health. I struggle with low morale and depression when I work in the evenings.
Heart Surgery Anonymous402-17-2017
A co-worker is having Quadruple bypass heart surgery the morning of 17th. Need prayers for exceptional work from surgery and his team. Also for quick recovery and peace of mind for a positive outcome. Thank you.
For baby Dakari in NICULisa Gonzales902-09-2017
PLEASE pray for my friend's baby. His name is Dakari and he is fighting in the NICU. His brain stem is not fully developed. My friend needs some strong Godly prayers for strength and for healing for her sweet baby boy. Thank you all so very much!
HealingBonnie Powell902-08-2017
Doctors have diagnosed Cancer in two places in my colon. Having procedure tomorrow to decide how to attack the cancer. I am Standing in the Name of Jesus that tomorrow when they run the tests that they find that Jesus has already healed me and that there is no cancer. I have lost a brother and sister to Pancreatic Cancer and I believe Jesus knows that it was too much. Please pray with me that they do not find anything and that I have been healed by the Greatest Healer. My Father in Heaven
Marriage Anthony Maio702-06-2017
God blesses me with a proverbs 31 type girl for me to marry
2017 Open Doors Of Love & Acceptance Consuela D502-03-2017
43Yrs old....Since of my youth, the youngest of three raised by a single mother. The income my mother earned was only enough for the bills and very little left over for the eldest siblings (boys). Being I was the one and only daughter her concept was. Girls need a lot. A lot she didn\'t have neither did she have Love & Acceptance for me. Just enough for my two brothers So therefore I lack of having what a little girl needs. Those needs were.....Love & Acceptance. I felt Neglected. Age of 14...I had applied to show my mother I can help her. At that moment I assume neglected would ceased all because I have something to offer. ....As years past......had acquire great jobs and earned great income.....but endured discrimination throughout my jobs. Manipulation began to follow.....2015-2016 Doors to a home, income, & health stayed stagnant continually makes me believe life isn\'t Accepting Open Doors.....leading to \"You Are Accepted & Loved\".(2015) .My health got the worst of me..4 different health circumstances .applied for SSI...denied twice (attorney on case)(applied 2015 n 2016)...2015...denied unemployment benefits as well. After exhausting my savings on bills finishing my lease. No choice but to evacuate the unit...too late to renew once taxes came thru. Still moving forward and applying for another living unit. Searched and applied all around Oklahoma area. No Open Doors Of Acceptance. I am a mother of two young men who are starting their life journey. I will always have a role in their life.....Its Love & well as others. Doors Of Love & Acceptance is still stagnant here in the first year of 2017 . Pray 4 The World of Love & Acceptance. ..including \"Me & Two Sons....God gets the glory .....From All..



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