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Askinf prayer for strength!Daniel Cahill305-18-2019
Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at this point I do not know what else to do I am so tired I have just enough strength and faith to write this prayer request for strength to make it homeless through the rest of the weekend!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 5/18/19
Need Urgent HealingZack Methvin405-16-2019
I just found out Monday night (13th) that my 18 year old son (Matthew) who lives in Arvada, CO (Denver) is using acid and has already been taken to the ER once by him mother (my ex-wife). He is using this demonic stuff to ruin his life and he needs our help and prayers. Matthew claims he doesn't believe in God and that is not how he was raised. My family and both kids were raised and taught that God is the only way to eternal life. Please pray that God's Holy Spirit will strike him in a way that he cannot get away from. My other request. I found out last night (Monday 13th) within minutes of finding out about my son that my Dad's older brother was taken to the hospital with stage 4 tumors and doesn't sound like he is doing well. His name is Gene Methvin of Byram, MS. Please pray for him, his wife (Audrey), there son (Tim), Daughter Jo Nell, and Daughter Melissa). They are believers in our Lord God but this is a very hard time for them. I got word late yesterday evening (Wednesday 15th) that the doctors came back and told him that he has 4 months to live. His liver is shutting down and his pancreas will be next. As much death as I have seen, I still don’t understand any of this or why but I refuse to accept the doctors prognosis. GOD is greater than this evil manifestation that I call cancer and GOD can remove it with the slightest whisp of His breath. I am standing in the authority of the shed blood of Jesus Christ that GOD is hearing our prayers and will heal Gene. I am and I will keep fighting this evil cancer until Gene takes his last breath. I am under more stress right now that I can bear. I am at my limit. I lost my Dad 2 years ago who I love more than a kid could ever love his Dad. I have been having dealing with my daughter’s emotional issues, now my son and my Uncle Gene. I feel that I am at my breaking point with this world, pain, suffering, death, and all the demonic stuff in this world. Please pray.
Spiritually AttackedAnonymous305-16-2019
I'm a pastor. This last year, my family of 7 have gone through some hard trials. We've been struggling financially, physically, & emotionally. My wife & I really feel we're being spiritually attacked! We're tired of being hit repeatedly. So we have decided to fight with prayer & fasting. Scripture says that certain spirits can only be dealt with through fasting & prayer (Matt. 17:21). Please join us in praying protection & shielding for our 5 children. Pray that God would provide for our needs! Pray that my wife & I would not grow weary. Pray that any enemy spirit would be cast away from us. Pray that God's Holy Spirit would empower us. Pray that God would be glorified as He works. Thank you for joining us! We look forward to what God will do!
Marriage helpAnonymous705-06-2019
Requesting prayers to help strengthen my marriage. I recently found out about an affair my husband was having. We have both decided to work on out marriage. I ask for prayers for strength and the opening of both of our hearts to each other. Also prayers that the "other woman" will be out of our lives so we can concentrate on our marriage. I pray that my husband's best male friend will talk to him again as he needs a Christian in his life right now. Also pray that God will take my anxiety and insecurity away and let me focus on my husband
Financial ReliefIsaiah Roberts505-04-2019
I am a 29 year old man trying to make it out here. I have really been drowning in bills and feel at lost at the moment...I work a full time job with Infinity Security and part time with the Tulsa-City County Library. With both jobs I'm still unable to provide for myself or pay all the necessary bills that are due every month. I have 3 sons with my ex-wife and am on child support. Currently my child support is set to $1,466/month. Which is way to high and making it impossible for me to make it financially. The DHS and court system granted me a reduction hearing review but it's not set for another couple months. I just lost my apartment and got evicted due to not being able to pay my rent this last month. Just moved back in with my parents at age 29 trying to get ahead. While heading to work here on Friday May 3rd, 2019 my 2013 Chevy Impala died on me in the rain on Highway 51 heading westbound. The car is still stuck on the highway. My credit is shot (530's) and I have no money saved up. I had to get a lyft to work and now will have to get another lyft to Coweta after a 12 hour shift here at work. I really could use some prayer and help. I understand no one should get handouts..Im not asking for any. I Just need prayer and favor right now. Im trying to keep the faith but sometimes it is so hard. Thank you and God bless.
Need Deliverance and restorationAndrew Mitchell305-02-2019
I need a miracle. Got laid off from my job as an architect right before Christmas. Managed to hang in there to now with a bit of work designing a house. I need a real architectural position paying full market worth or a bunch more design commissions with good fees and deposits to break. NOW. I need deliverance. The devil is real and has been ragging on me for so long. (decades) Running on fumes and vapors, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Worn out. Hope is extinguished. Why Try?
Jesus' lost child Michael BursonMegan Rose304-26-2019
Please pray for our brother and fellow lamb of the Shepard named Love's ransomed flock.



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