An Edmond young man shows his heart!

Wanted you to see this story yourself. It was a national story about true thoughtfulness and caring for others.

Edmond Memorial High School is right outside Oklahoma City, and has exactly 1,076 female students.  And we know because on Friday . . . every single one of them got an anonymous Valentine’s Day card, along with a piece of candy.

But it wasn’t the school trying to make sure no one missed out.  An anonymous STUDENT did it.

The cards said, quote, “Remember, there will always be people who care about you, and I will always be one of them.  Love, anonymous.”

But secrets don’t last long in high school.  Eventually word got out that a student named Dan Williams did it . . . he worked all SUMMER to save up enough to pull it off.

Dan told the local news he did it because, quote, “To know that someone cares about [you] is the best feeling in the world.”

If you’re wondering . . . no, Dan does NOT have a girlfriend right now.  But one female classmate said that after this, that probably won’t be the case for much longer.