Listen Live on Your Smart Phone

You can stream KXOJ right to your phone, so you can listen anywhere!

iPhone/iPod Touch
Download and install the free iPhone app from your iTunes store or just click here.

Blackberry 9000 Series (software version 4.5 and higher)
BlackBerry supports Windows Media streams over RTSP in version 4.3.0 for CDMA and WiFi transports; support for EDGE was added into version 4.5.0. Currently only the Blackberry Tour 9630, Storm2 9520 & 9550, Storm 9500 & 9530 support the streaming of Windows Media streams using the built in player.

Streaming URL: rtsp://

Blackberry 8000 Series (Curve & others), Android/G1 & other Mobile Phones
For the Blackberry model’s that do not directly support streaming, as well as other mobile devices, users may be able to listen by going using With Moodio you can add streams to their directory and then play them on your mobile phone by going to htp://

Moodio (blackberry OS 4.5 or higher required)

  1. Go to from your phone
  2. Click “create new account” and create an account (it’s free)
  3. click “stations” on the left
  4. type “KXOJ” in the box under “name”
  5. click “apply” to the right of the box
  6. scroll down and click “add” below “my stations” to the right of “KXOJ”
  7. open “” on your mobile phone
  8. Log in
  9. Listen!

Palm Devices
Must have pTunes (Pocket Tunes) installed. Most new Palm devices have this pre-installed. If not, you can buy it here

Streaming URL: mms://